My fucking echolalia: hoonk

My lizard let me touch his spikes he's such a good boy

The fuck do you mean hotsprings are real?

Intrusive thoughts? Nah I have intrusive thots

Can I get uhhh, 🅱️oneless 🅱️ones?

I hope Healthy Harold isn't too disappointed in me

Also woah that last toot looks kinda intense but I promise it's 95% all natural shitpost

When animals leave and never talk to their mother it's fine but when I do it I'm not wtf double standards much

I have way too many shingle song playlists on Spotify

What if the real instance is the friendships we make along the way

Me: doesn't smoke
Also me: constantly wants to smoke leaning off the edge of a high balcony

The worst emotion is when you have mixed emotions. Fuck.

I legitimately don't know what my last toot even was supposed to mean. I was so tired at that point I actually passed out shortly after posting it

Side note why the fuck am I playing a horror game at 11:46pm in a dark room? Because screw my slowly declining mental health that's why

Me at the start of every meta horror game: this'll be fun I really love this genre
Me once the game starts being fuckey: :(

Really? You work hard to make ads not painful and annoying. Riiiiiiiight

I don't know what it is about airports but gosh the energy in them is draining. Probably gonna purify my energy later this week

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