:( the VM host which ran all my monitoring died and I had no idea

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fun movie fact: the first iron man movie was originally supposed to be about a man coming to terms with dying while being held hostage by terrorists, but while on set robert downey jr improvised and built a super-powered metallic exoskeleton and the rest, as the rest, as they say, was history

I really really need to enable domain auto renewal checks, getting spammed alerts last night cos mastodon, k8s, all my clusters shit itself were not what I had intended

NBN sends out Tech to install FTTC nodes.

Techs fuck every single pair in the pits up in the process

Telstra comes out, cuts phone to another pair until NBN can fix it

Months later: NBN tech cuts us back over to FTTC but correctly

We now have a "SUPER FAST SPEED" of 100/30 going the distance of at most 15 Meters of copper cabling q.q

Tuesday will be like our 4th attempt at gettign NBN :(

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god moving my 400kg of servers + UPS upstairs q.q soo much pain

Today's going to be too long of a day and I've only been up 2 hours :(

I can not wait until I have "Government mandated equally reliable" internet connected :/

Whooo 9TB of redunant 15K SAS SAN finally running

so apparantly my instance ran out of disk space for a while there :(

Servers die from power outage after ~4hours cos I did a sleep... Mastodon was the only thing still running when it all came back online .... well sorta online

I feel like my Server's hosting mastodon are falling to the shit >.>

Updating mastodon makes me have to go through a tutorial O.o

God . I hate WHMCS why did i ever go back to using ti

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