@lynnesbian What about all them custom ubuntu repos? (Redhat user so might have the terms wrong) Aren't they all like sketchy?

Today's going to be too long of a day and I've only been up 2 hours :(

I can not wait until I have "Government mandated equally reliable" internet connected :/

Whooo 9TB of redunant 15K SAS SAN finally running

so apparantly my instance ran out of disk space for a while there :(

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Servers die from power outage after ~4hours cos I did a sleep... Mastodon was the only thing still running when it all came back online .... well sorta online

@dBuccaneer I only know complex ways like downloading the PXE Installer of you preferred OS into your boot partition and editing grub to boot the installer and autoinstall(kickstart)

I feel like my Server's hosting mastodon are falling to the shit >.>

Updating mastodon makes me have to go through a tutorial O.o

God . I hate WHMCS why did i ever go back to using ti

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@dBuccaneer What windows applications are you trying to run?

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